6″ Flutter FETTI® Confetti Stick w/50% Tissue & 50% Metallic – Hand Flick Launcher Minimum Purchase:40 unit(s)


6″ Confetti Stick w/Metallic Flutter FETTI

One Of Our Best Selling Confetti Products!

Our 6″ “hand flick” tube with a silver holographic wrap around the tube is filled with rectangular shaped biodegradable and flame retardant Tissue and Metallic Flutter FETTI®. This metallic and paper confetti party popper is perfect to use in a venue with low (9′ to 10′) high ceilings. With the simple “flick of the wrist” the Flutter FETTI® will flutter and fly out of the tube creating magic in the air! Be sure to choose which colors of Tissue & Metallic Flutter FETTI you want in the cannon confetti popper so it coordinates with your color scheme. NO CO2 REQUIRED!