AG-800800 watt efficient sanitizing machine w/built-in timer and wireless remote


AG -800 is a light weight, portable, convenient, and highly functional smoke disinfector.

AG -800 can spread fog to fill the entire space in 3D direction. It completes reheating within 90 seconds, and generate 3,000 cu.ft. outputs per minute.

The operation is easy. Simply turn on the power and press the bottom on handlebar! Operating with FLD sanitation solution, it can lay a thin layer on the surface of objects in the room to inhibit bacteria growth.

It can be used as a regular maintenance solution in any places, no limited to car, house, office, theatre, depart ment store, station plaza, airport, gymnasium or hospital! It can kill most fungi, germs, virus, dust mites and get rid of bad odors effectively.

To protect the health condition of you and your loved ones, wash your hands diligently, wearing medical mask while in the public places seems not enough now. Periodically sanitizing the spaces to kill germs, virus etc. is an addition of protection in a holistic way!