American DJ FS600 Led



Stay on the cutting edge of technology with the FS600LED spot light! While traditional followspots rely on older technology and generally use upwards of 1000W of power, ADJ’s FS600LED uses a fan-cooled LED light source with a tiny 80W power draw. Because of the addition of LED technology to traditional followspot functionality, this fixture stays cool and boasts a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

The FS600LED from ADJ also includes an adjustable Iris, manual framing shutters, and adjustable 18° or 26° beam angles. Where the LED technology really sets this unit apart from traditional counterparts is the inclusion of controllable dimming from 0-100% for precision control and an LED strobe effect controlled via on-board slider. As a result, you get the same bright spotlight focus on a traditional followspot with the additional features only available from the use of LEDs.

This unit is also controllable via DMX protocol for integration into the rest of your advanced array of top-quality ADJ lighting fixtures. The FS600LED is also capable of throwing spot beams in 8 different colors.
Pro Follow Spot with a 60W High Powered White LED source

8 Colors (White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, 3200K (Warm White) & UV

18º – 26º Beam angle

Manual focusing

Manual Iris

Manual Framing Shutters

3 and 5 Pin DMX

Fan Cooled

Hanging Bracket

Gel Frame Holder

Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.5” x 19.25” x 14.75” / 290 x 484 x 370mm
Weight 18 lbs. / 7.8 kg.
Gobo Holder – Gobo Size 27mm (23mm Viewable)
Typical Throw 40 meter (18º) to 28 meter (26º)
Power Consumption 80W maximum
Multi-voltage operation AC 100-240V 50/60Hz (non switchable)
LED Strobe Effect on board control via slider
0-100% dimming on board control via slider