Turnkey 8 Channel Wireless System Package with 4 Handhelds, 4 Single Ear Wireless Headsets and 4 Lavaliers with Body Packs

This is the an ideal 8 channel system for a facility or audio engineer that needs to provide the ultimate audio solution for their venue.  The entire system is housed in a 12 space rolling flight case that securely protects each component of the system. Easy to transport, this setup with 3 different transmitter options for each of the 8 channels is the perfect portable or stationary solution for wireless microphones. Also available in multiple configurations.

4 Airwave Technologies AT-4200 Dual Channel Wireless Systems

4 HSD-SLIMLINE+SE Single Ear Wireless Microphone Headsets

4 AT-4000 Series U41 Wireless Handheld Microphones

4 AT-LAV2 Lavalier Microphones

4 AT-4000 Series U42 Wireless Body Packs

Power Distribution Panel with Slide-Out LED’s

Antenna Combiner

Diversity Fin

2 25ft Antenna Cables

12 Space Flight Rack with Casters

2 Two Space Rack Drawers with Diced Foam

1 Two Space Rack Drawer

514-542 MHz

FCC Tested and Approved: FCC ID  2AINTAT-4200

4000 Series Manual Link  –  4000 Series Frequency Chart Link