BlitzzFX™ Set of two Cold Spark Machines with White Aluminum Cover and Travel case


ProX X-BLITZZFX X2 BlitzzFX™ Set of two Cold Spark Machines with White Aluminum Cover and Travel case


ProX BlitzzFX™ is a vertical floor based non-pyrotechnic cold spark machine that delivers up to 10ft sparkler show continuously or momentarily via a DMX controller, wired, and wireless remote. The BlitzzFX is one of the most requested products by ProX Live Performance Gear for Weddings, Live Concerts, Indoor and outdoor Sports, Press Conferences and more.

UPDATE: The BlitzzFX now includes a white aluminum cover to blend with weddings and white shirt and tie affairs. 

Up to 15 minutes total use of cold sparks can be created from a single powder pack. Fountain sparks should be programmed in short bursts to allow cooling time in between use and should not exceed over of 3 minutes continuous use per burst.

NOTICE: All unused granules MUST BE REMOVED from the machine after each use and stored in a sealed airtight container of glass or plastic. Do not transport unit with granules in the bin. Any granules from partially used bags must be stored the same way.  It is acceptable to mix granules from the bag with granules removed from the machine.

The BlitzzFX has a warranty of 1-year for manufacturers defects ONLY. Failure to comply with this can damage machine and void your warranty. Any deviations from the safety information in the users manual and the safety sheet are at the user’s sole responsibility.  It is essential that users completely read the most recent version of the operators manual listed below.

Package Includes:
Two BlitzzFX Units
Wireless Remotes/Recievers
Wired Remotes
Security Cards
Power Cables

17.50″L x 12.50″W x 12.50″H
Weight: 60.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
19.00″L x 14.00″D x 15.00″H
Shipping Weight: 63.00 lbs

Suggested Shipping Method: Parcel


Product Downloads
pdf download
user manual (BlitzzFX_Manual_Version_1.4.pdf)
user manual (Material_Safety_Data.pdf)