Confetti Die Cut Metallic Hearts



If you truly want a magnificent stunning Special Effect at your event shoot off our 1.5″ Die Cut Metallic Hearts. When I shoot them off using our Surprise Box at a trade show, attendees come running across the trade show floor to ask about that effect they saw in the air. The reason is our PVC metallic film is the thinnest film in the marketplace so the Die Cut Metallic Hearts flutter and float high into the air and slowwly float downward shimmering in the air especially with lights focused on them. A truly beautiful effect!

The reason we use the thinnest metallic film is you get more die cut metallic hearts per lb plus they hang in the air a long time being so lightweight. There are approximately 9,780 Die Cut Metallic Hearts per lb. So even if I put handfuls into our Surprise Box there’s more than enough Hearts in the air causing “Ahhhs” from tradeshow attendees.

If you don’t want to purchase 1lb. of our Die Cut Metallic Hearts call one of our Confettiologists toll free 877-321-1999 and request purchasing just 1/2lb. or less of them. That won’t be a problem.

Since we Die Cut them in our factory in the USA we can “Custom Color” them to match the decor or theme of your event so when ordering please be sure to designate the color you require. You can choose up to 8 colors.

We recommend you blowing them out of one of our Continuous Blow Launchers which include the following:

– 3″ Continuous Flow Gerb Launcher
– 6″ Continuous Flow Gerb Launcher
– Baby Gerb Continuous Flow Launcher(The above launchers require liquid siphon Co2 to operate. You will need to rent these Co2 tanks in your hometown. When you rent or purchase one of our launchers you can discuss with our Confettiologist which size Co2 siphon tank you will need to rent to operate the machine for your event.)

– Surprise Box(This launcher comes with a 5lb. liquid siphon tank. You will need to get it filled with Co2 in your hometown.)

– Red BlowerThis launchers uses 110V or electricity to operate this launcher
Please refer to the above launchers on our website to find out more about them.

Please contact one of our Confettiologists toll free at 877-321-1999 to get a recommendation on which of our Blowers to rent/purchase for use with the Die Cut Metallic Hearts.

Remember to check your shipping box when it arrives for the “CERTIFIED FLUTTER FETTI® PRODUCT STICKER” on the outside of the box. To be sure it’s an authentic Flutter FETTI product.


Disclaimer:Note some custom Die Cut Metallic Heart Confetti are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet Die Cut Metallic Hearts immediately upon discharge.