This gun is designed for confetti and streamers shots, as well as shot of T-shirts, soft toys or any other soft goods that can be thrown to the public during promo campaigns, shows or events.

This gun is used at stadiums, huge halls, as well as in open areas. Often used for advertising purposes.

Range of shots:

  • Confetti (up to 1 lb) Up to 35 feet (cap should be used)
  • Stadium streamers up to 70 feet (cap should be used)
  • T-shirts (2 pcs.) Up to 85 feet (cap should be used)

The range can be adjusted by supplying air to the tank.

The gun operates with a compressed air cylinder (purchased separately).

Can I see how it works? Of course, below you will find photos and videos of this hand gun. You can visit our showroom and get professional advice.


Weight with a can: 6.7 lb.

Size: 37″x8″

Barrel diameter: 3″

Capacity of a cylinder with compressed air: 0,77 l (not included)