Global Effects Confetti Jet (Blaster)




Global Effects Confetti Jet (confetti blaster)

This confetti blaster can throw out confetti and artificial snow of any size and kind.

Blast of confetti / snow up to 50 feet (15 m). Coverage area – up to 1300 sqft. (120 sq.m.)

This is a powerful confetti blaster, designed for large halls and open areas. The confetti blaster works with a CO2 or N2 tank.

The container holds upto 22lbs (10 kg) of confetti or snow. With the maximum load of the blaster, blowing out the entire contents can be from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. During operation, it is possible to fill the container manually with the required amount of consumable material through a special slot.

You can adjust the amount of blowing. Manual adjustment – operator is needed. Depending on your desire, on average, 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of confetti can be blown out within 2 seconds.

The angle of inclination is adjustable. The blaster works quite noisily, but noise can be absorbed by sounding music.

Installation of a confetti blaster does not take long. Electrical connection is not required. For work you need a CO2 cylinder and a high-pressure hose to it.  The output on the blaster is 3/8″ with a cone. CO2cylinder and a hose should be purchased separately.

Below you will find photos and videos of this confetti blaster. You can visit our showroom in Cape Coral, Florida and get professional advice.


Net weight: 25 lbs (11.5 kg)

Dimensions: 55.11in.x13.39in.x13.39in (140cmx24cmx34cm)

Packing: 2 boxes 20in.x20in.23.6in and 40.16in.x13.78in.x11.81in (510x510x600mm and 1020x350x300mm)

Gross weight: 17.42lbs (7.9 kg ) + 12.13lbs (5.5 kg)