Global Effects Power Shot



This confetti machine is designed for confetti or streamers shots using electric confetti cannons (can be purchased separately).

Confetti cannon runs on a 115V connection.

It is possible to connect several machines in series with PowerCon connecting cables for simultaneous shots. Connecting cables can be purchased separately.

Consumable material – electric cannons 12″, 19″ or 23″ in length that are charged with streamers or confetti. Pre-loaded cannons may be available.

The distance of the shot depends on the length of the cannon:

– 12″ confetti up to 12 feet, streamers up to 20 feet.

· 19″: confetti up to 18 feet, streamers up to 30 feet.

· 23″ confetti up to 28 feet, streamers up to 55 feet.

The angle of the cannons can be adjusted.  For an appropriate appearance, the streamer shot’s recommended angle is 45-60 degrees.

Working with a Power Shot:

1) Install the equipment in the selected location, for security fix to the surface(?) with tape.

2) Load the electric cannon with streamers/confetti.

3) When switched on, confetti or streamers will be shot.

The Power Shot kit contains a power cable and a Guide for loading electric cannons.

Can I see how it works? Of course, below you will find photos and videos of this confetti gun. You can visit our showroom and get professional advice.


Net weight: 5.5 lb.

Gross weight: 6.2 lb.