Kabuki Drop One



Our Kabuki Drop System is designed to drop curtains, flags, balloons or other elements of the show from a truss.

Easy control – the system drops the curtain when the power is switched on. You do not need to keep the power all the time the curtain is hanged and you should not be afraid of power shortages.

The curtain is fastened without eyelets and hooks – any fabric can be fastened, the curtain release occurs naturally and beautifully, excluding clinging, mechanical clamping and damages from metal elements on the curtain.

1) Simple clamp replacement for a truss of any diameter

2) Easy adjustment of curtain fastening

3) Fabric of any thickness can be used (even natural silk) 0.-0.2″ (0-3mm)

4) Possibility to connect several Kabuki Drops in one line using Powercon connection cables

5) Reliable connection. Power supply 110-220V. Released only when power is switched on

6) Small size, light weight. Simplicity and reliability of the housing and system design

7) Convenience in transportation and storage

8) Capacity:

silk – upto 8lbs

standard fabric – upto 16lbs

velvet – upto 22lbs

Advantages over other curtain drop systems:

– it is not necessary to precisely install the elements of the curtain drop system in accordance with the location of the eyelets on the fabric;
– if you need to move the curtain, you can open the clamps and move the entire curtain, one element after another;
– thin and light materials can be stretched between the elements of the curtain relief system to 6-9 ft (2-3 meters).

Weight netto: 3,5 lbs (1.6 kgs)

Weight brutto: 4 lbs (1.8 kgs)