Sennheiser 3-PACK e 835



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The Sennheiser e835 dynamic cardioid microphone, part of the evolution series, is designed for speech and vocals. It produces a solid sound that projects well and cuts through high volumes on stage. Intended for home recording, semi-pro studios, and live sound applications, the e835 has a uniform frequency pick-up pattern that maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. A gentle presence boost evens tonal response and ensures clarity and projection. Minimal proximity effect provides consistently clear bass and performance when singing closer to or farther from the capsule.


  • Dynamic cardioid microphone for speech/vocals
  • Cuts through high onstage levels
  • Clear reproduction with a high presence
  • Handles high SPLs
  • Isolates handling noise, hum compensating coil


  • Pick Up Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 16 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 2.7 mV/Pa = /- 51.4dB(odB=1V/Pa)=/-71.4 dB (odB=1V/µbar)(USA)
  • Nominal Impedance: 350Ω
  • Min Terminating Impedance: 1000Ω
  • Dimensions: Ø= 1.89″ L= 7.1″
  • Weight: 11.64 oz. (330 grams)
  • Transducer Principle: Pressure gradient receiver