Yamaha 01v96i


Digital 96kHz mixing console. Up to 40 channels of simultaneous mixing 8 group/8 AUX 2699.00 2399.99 1796.45 2130 configuration 1 MY-card slot ADAT I/O included. USB 2.0 Audio Interface function allows 16 channels of 96kHz recording and playback to a Mac or PC as well as Studio Manager Host connectivity. Includes all VCM and REV-X Add-On Effects as well as Cubase AI6.

The 01V96i—like all of our higher-end digital mixing consoles—was designed to provide outstanding sonic transparency giving you the purest signal reproduction possible as a starting point. To meet the increasing demand for multi-track recording and playback in live sound applications the 01V96i now features USB 2.0 connectivity—allowing you to effectively take your studio on the road with you. With 16 in/16 out live audio streaming at 96kHz and seamless DAW integration requiring just a single connection it has never been easier to capture edit and produce high quality professional level recordings. USB connectivity also provides extensive two-way communication of MIDI data allowing you to seamlessly combine the precise physical control of your console with all the capability of the latest Cubase AI software that comes bundled with the 01V96i.

– 24bit/96kHz Performance with Improved Studio-Quality Head Amps
Unlike some digital consoles that achieve operation in 96kHz mode with a reduced number of tracks 01V96i imposes no such limitations at any of the provided sampling rates with high resolution 96kHz and 32bit internal processing (58-bit accumulator) as the standard. What’s more all onboard A/D and D/A conversion makes use of top-performance 24bit/96kHz converters. This is particularly important with the 01V96i because it features improved studio-quality head amps that offer extremely high-resolution and a remarkable sense of “air”. With onboard converters operating at the full 24bits and 96kHz you can be sure that nothing is lost in the digital representation of the warm transparent output from these exceptional preamps.

– 96kHz Internal Effects and Top-Quality Compression Gating and Delay
What’s the point of having 24bit/ 96kHz audio if you have to convert down to a lower sampling rate for effect processing? That’s exactly what’s happening if you’re using hardware or software processors that don’t offer 24bit/ 96kHz performance anywhere in your signal chain. That’s why Yamaha included a comprehensive range of 96kHz compatible stereo effects. The 01V96i also features flexible independent channel compression and gating/ducking processors for dynamics control 4-band parametric channel Live Sound > Signal Processing > Equalizers that offer extra versatility with switchable “type I” or “type II” EQ algorithms as well as a channel delay. All channel processors except for channel delay come with an extensive selection of presets in a range of “libraries”that can simply be used unmodified or edited to suit specific requirements. All channel functions except gating are also provided on all output buses.